Youth crime

Levels of youth crime are increasingly rapidly in most cities around the world. What are the reasons for this, and suggest some solutions.

The recent decades have witnessed increasing concerns about juvenile delinquency in certain countries. There are those who contend that adolescents lack a role model, which easily leads them astray by detrimental influences including drugs and crime. In this sense, whether governments should provide more support for families are beneficial to deter youngster from committing crime is yet to be ascertained.

First and foremost, being brought up in single-parent families, adolescents often commit offences. Without a role model as guidance, youngster, notably boys, always hang around with teenagers who share a similar family background and find their own entertainment. Needless to say, crime is one of the forms of entertainment they would have. Nevertheless, having a father acting as a role model, youngsters can come to realisation that crime should not be an option of entertainment.

From another stance, governments can provide support for families in order to prevent the breakdown of nuclear families. Hence, children can be brought up in a loving environment. In addition, investing money into building and staffing youth centres would also help immensely in young crime prevention. Time and again, teenagers can focus their attention on sport and other activities, in addition to receiving guidance from young workers.

Ultimately, parents should take more responsibility for their children. One of the remarkable observations coming from research findings is that youngster are unlikely to turn to crime when they have a male relative to act as a role model. As a result, parents can instill right values through the role model established. To illustrate, a famous cartoon about this issue has shown the primary of having a male relative acting as a role model.

By and large, it is fair to assert that support provided by governments do help in deterring teenagers from committing crimes, based on preventing children being brought up in a single-parent family. On the basis of my observation, a role model is of utmost importance to guide young generation developing right values.



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