Skilled Migration

More and more qualified people are moving poor to rich countries to fill vacancies in specialist areas like engineering, computing and medicine. Some people believe that by encouraging the movement of such people, rich countries are stealing from poor countries. Others feel that this is only the natural movement of workers around the world. Agree or disagree?

It is widely acknowledged that the figure of skilled migrations surge dramatically in our times. In this sense, a staggering number of individuals, notably those in developing countries, claim that skilled migrations are by all means a substantial loss to their own countries. Nonetheless, there are those who contend that skilled migrations provide individuals with motivation to become experts in their field. Hence, whether skilled migrations are beneficial or detrimental to those underdeveloped counties is yet to be ascertained.

From one stance, skilled migrations play a pivotal role in motivating residents in impoverished countries to pursue a superior standard of living in industrialised nations. Ample research has demonstrated a longer life expectancy in wealthy countries. To exemplify, individuals, who are skilled immigrants, can enjoy the social welfare provided by the countries, which, incidentally, are inadequate or none in comparison with their homeland. Conversely, without skilled migrations, it is deemed that the popularity of becoming specialists will plunge tremendously. Consequently, a shortage of specialists will become an insidious problem to underprivileged countries.

From another stance, specialists require the professional environments which are unfeasible in their homeland. Time and over, it is axiomatic that skilled immigrations become second to none means in achieving their ultimate success. To exemplify, without robotic machine, which only available in industrialised nations, surgeons are incapable to master robotic surgeries which provide patients with better prognosis.

By and large, skilled migrations provide inhabitants in impoverished countries with motivation to become experts in their fields in order to pursue a superior standard of living. To my way of thinking, it is imperative for underprivileged countries to promote skilled migrations in order to advance countries’ development, in addition to expanding the pool of specialists in diverse field.



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